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1. Deposit and Payment :

1.1. All prices quoted by The Borrowed (herein referred to as The Supplier) are valid for 14 days.  A 30% non refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking.  The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event date.  Payment can be made via EFT (bank transfer.) Our bank details will be provided on the invoice sent to you after you have confirmed that you would like to proceed with your order. 

1.2 A $150 bond will be added to the final invoice and returned to you within 3 business days after the items are returned.  The Bond is held as security in the event that any of our items are lost, stolen, damaged, unreturned and require additional cleaning  - or the booking has incurred surcharges due to delayed return.  In the event where a bond is insufficient to cover any damage/replacement costs we will will issue an invoice for any outstanding amounts. 

2. Set Up

2.2  Hire of our products does not include set up or styling.  We are always happy to recommend suppliers to assist with set up or styling. 

3.  Cleaning 

3.1  In order to ensure all items remain in the the best possible condition, we request that cutlery and serve ware be rinsed and dried as soon as possible after use.  Cutlery can be placed in the baskets provided, and serve ware placed back into the tubs to be returned to us for a thorough and hygienic wash. 

4. Napkins

Napkins should be placed in the linen bags provided and returned to us.  Please ensure there is no cutlery or other items wrapped up with the napkins.  The boxes that the linen was supplied in, need to be returned to us along with the napkins and dirty linen bags.


5. Pick Up and Return 

All items can be collected from our premises (on the agreed date) and returned to our premises (on the agreed date).  We are located in Beaumont (10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD).  Address will be provided to you prior to collection. 

Items cannot be collected in an open ute or trailer.  We will not hand over items until suitable vehicle is present. 

6.  Damages and Responsibilities 

6.1  It is The Hirer's Responsibility to check all of the ordered items on delivery/collection and the Hirer must notify The Supplier of any missing items at least 4 hours prior to the event commencement. 

6.2  The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the items once they take possession from the time of pick up/delivery to the return to The Supplier.  This includes our storage tubs, laundry bags, cutlery baskets and other items provided as part of the hire. 

6.3  The Hirer agrees to adhere to the cleaning instructions as provided.  Damage incurred as a result of a failure to adhere to these instructions will result in replacement/repair costs.  Napkins will be charged as a replacement for any major stains cause by greasy or dark coloured food substances, candle wax or rips or tears. 

6.4  Where a third party is contracted to set up the items (stylist, venue, caterer) it is the Hirer's responsibility to communicate all requirements of the order, including any relevant information supplied within these T&C's.  It is also the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that the relevant third party is willing to adhere to such cleaning and care responsibilities. 

7. Ownership of Property

7.1 Items supplied for hire and any equipment supplied with the hire items remain the property of The Supplier.

7.2  The Hirer must not transfer this contract to another party without the consent to The Supplier. 

8.  Insurance and Indemnity

8.1  The Hirer hereby releases The Supplier from, and agrees to indemnify The Supplier for any and all property damage and personal injury caused to themselves or others and in respect of any third party claims, action, suits, demands, costs and expenses for damage or injury to person, death, loss of income or damage cause to the Hirer or its property arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of our items by the Hirer. 

8.2  The Supplier shall not be liable for any loss and damage occurred by the Hirer arising from the failure to supply items as a result of unexpected illness, accident or ill health.  In such an event, the Hirer will be entitled to a refund of any deposit or advance payment. 

8.3  Where the Hirer is a venue or business, the Hirer must maintain at it's own expense all appropriate insurance policies for (a) Theft and Damage to the equipment hired in an amount not less than the full replacement cost of the equipment and (b) the liability, property and casualty insurance cover in amounts necessary to fully protect The Supplier and its equipment again all claims, loss or damage whatsoever. 

9.  Force Majeure

9.1  If the Supplier is unable at any time to perform any of its obligations whether wholly or partly by reason of any cause beyond its control (including without limitation, acts of god, inclement weather, epidemic or pandemic, strikes, lockouts, fires, riots, civil commotion or unrest, interference by civil or military authorities or act of war) the Supplier may give written notice to that effect to the Hirer, giving full details of such force majeure in which case the obligations of the Supplier under these Terms shall,  to the extent that they are affected by the force majeure, be suspended during the term of the force majeure.  

9.2  The Supplier shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer as a result of any delays caused by such force majeure events. 

10.  Acceptance of Terms and Conditions 

10.1.  The Hirer hereby accepts these Terms and acknowledges that its acceptance is a condition to taking possession of the rental items from the Supplier.  These Terms may be accepted by the Hirer signing them and returning them to the Supplier (this document will be sent to you prior to any deposit being received).    

Accepting the quote and paying the 30% deposit is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 


THE BORROWED (Trading as Jackie Thompson Inclusive)

ABN 61 217 724 259 



Payment Methods

Payment Method - EFT 

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